After 20 years working in the industry, starting in the early days of the dotcom boom, followed by 6 years and literally 1000’s of hours of coaching tech folk, we’ve identified a set of people skills which are often lacking in the tech industry. This skills gap shows itself in the culture and behaviours that sometimes make tech a more difficult place to work than it needs to be. 

We believe that if this skills gap was filled then tech would not only be a better place to work, it would also be far more productive.

So what are the people skills so central to making tech a better place to work?

We’ve identified two groups of people skills that have huge influence on the experience of working in tech:

1, Skills that impact my own thinking and behaviour

  • Developing a strong awareness of my own feelings, behaviours and reactions
  • Controlling and directing my focus
  • Understanding and regulating my emotions
  • Seeing myself as a work in progress

2, Skills that impact others

  • Communicating to build connection
  • Giving feedback that stimulates positive change 
  • Handling emotions in others with confidence and compassion
  • Encouraging other to share their ideas and experiences

We know from the teams and leaders we’ve coached over the past 6 years that when these people skills are nourished, valued and promoted both people and organisations thrive.