Turning doers into leaders

Tech is a great sector to work in. Yet it could be so much better if we valued people & leadership skills as much as we do technical knowledge.

We want to make this happen.

We coach subject matter experts and technical specialists who hold leadership responsibility and need to deliver complex solutions through others.

We get great results by:

  •  Building a growth mindset 
  •  Sharing the tools needed to be ‘good with people’
  •  Centering our learning around the brain and the neuroscience of both conversations and human connection
  •  Helping technical specialists codify how to make the connections needed to get results by working with others
  •  Building self awareness that we are all different and what it really means to lead, support and embrace that difference

Through years of experience we have developed a range of coaching based activities:

1: High Performing Leadership Assessment

An ideal place to start if you’d like to understand your leadership team better; their strengths, their attitudes and approach to leadership and what may be holding them back. This programme includes a leadership insight report, a tailored package of executive coaching and personal action plans.

Ideal for your people leadership tier:
Heads of, operational leaders, team leaders and middle managers.

2: Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches take a customised approach to fit the needs of each executive. Through our high trust executive coaching we develop self- awareness, drive transformational change, offer critical challenges and support enhanced strategic thinking.

Ideal for founders, CEOs and senior leaders.

3: Coaching Bundles

Give your people their own coach and watch them thrive. Through years of coaching and developing people across the tech industry we have learnt when and how to best use coaching to create the biggest shifts in behaviour and performance.

Our coaching bundles are built around key moments faced by leaders and teams in tech organisations, where we know coaching makes a difference.

4: Coach lead learning

Coach lead learning combines the power of coaching, reflection and practice to develop new skills in your people.

We deliver talks, workshops and programmes covering topics such as:

How technical experts can stop feeling like an imposter
Using the brain to create high performing teams
Delegation and feedback techniques for tech leaders
Transforming communication in technical teams

What is it like to learn with us?

Our training is coach led. This means that the way people are encouraged to think and behave during the programmes is of equal importance to any new knowledge they gain.

We take time to create safe, high trust spaces where people can practise new skills. People experience new ways of communicating and collaborating during the training; thus engage with the concepts on a far deeper level.

We ask the questions needed for participants to: reflect and discuss how the learning relates to their own experience; and find their own insights and application to the learning.

We focus on the results and ‘so what’ of the learning.

We use the latest understanding in brain science to shape our learning programmes; which means we deliver learning, socially, in smaller chunks; and with time for reflection and application.

We challenge with love and seek to elicit insight and behaviour change.

We provide opportunities to:

  1. Connect and collaborate
  2. Build self awareness
  3. Think differently
  4. Gain new skills, method and perspectives

Our development programmes give people the direct experience of what it’s like to work in a high trust environment. Encouraging them to explore new behaviour.

Our programmes are not tick box exercises that people can ‘ghost’ their way through.

Work with us

We’re a dedicated team with a strong desire, to help people thrive at work and really love what they do…

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