Discover and unlock your people’s capacity for change

You’re leading a strategic programme to transform your department. It’s a big responsibility and you’ll need your people at their best

You can help your team change, succeed and be happy.

We’ll support you with everything we’ve learned helping University teams just like yours thrive under the challenge of delivering strategic change.

You’re asking people to boost
their discretionary effort

When you embark on a programme of business change you’re asking a lot of your team. They’ll need to work harder, be more flexible, step away from old habits and sustain their commitment throughout the process.

You can do a lot more than hope they ‘get on the bus’.

You can discover their capacity for change and increase the chances that new ways of working will stick.

Chris Willis
IT Director, the University of Sheffield

Work with us to build a collaborative,
high-performance environment

We’ve taken decades of personal experience, years of study, practice and research to craft our Capacity for Change programme. Coaching is at the core of our approach. We use it as a catalyst for change within people and teams.

What we deliver

We help you unlock your people’s capacity for change in two ways.


We’ll help you identify the key levers your leaders need to use to boost change adoption. Your discovery report will identify the change detractors and enablers that shape your culture and provide you with actionable insights.


We’ll deliver a tailored programme of activity with you, that tackles your specific challenges. The work could include one-to-one or team coaching, training and development, and a high-performing leaders’ assessment and action plan.

You can help your team change, succeed and be happy from a starting price of £2500 for the discovery phase. Every organisation is unique and every programme is flexible. The costs will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation.

Find out more about how we help with our latest blog post on Fear & Trust, or by downloading the Capacity for Change brochure.

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